Year 7 Whanau day - working together

It was so super cool to have a day with just our Tunohopu year 7s to hang out and make new friendships. We love having the year 8s around but it's nearing the end of the year so we need to start thinking about how we can be role models next year as year 8s. 

Our focus this whanau day was to build relationships and develop existing ones by showing team work, kindness and manners. It gave some students opportunities to lead activities and gave others the chance to be supported in new leadership responsibilities. 

We did some "just dance" routines and cooperative team drama games, some multi sport in the gym and baked and decorated cupcakes to give back to those organisations in our community that volunteer their time to help others; such as the SPCA, Hospice and St Johns. It was a fantastic day filled with laughter, loads of learning and new experiences to share with new friends. 


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