Whanau Day - Technology Challenge

Itis always hard to build new relationships with new people - this is why whanau day's are so important at RIS. It is about mixing with different people and teachers from other classes across our whanau. Technology Day was super fun and really challenged our thinking plus how we work with others to share ideas and make decisions best for our group.

Our challenge was to create a structure out of varying materials, that could stand unaided, was a metre high and that could handle a marble going down it. Our ultimate tasks was to try and get our marble to travel the further-est across the gym floor. Our materials were limited which challenged our thinking even more and really made us question 'how' this could be done.

We had newspaper, cellotape, string, straws and some cardboard. That was it! Plus a time limit of 1 hour. BUT the end result was awesome!! All groups completed their structure and we had marbles going up to 10 metres in distance.


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